Philanthropic Consulting

The overall objective of philanthropic consulting is the creation of self-employment and or social economy enterprises for home help in household and rural women traditionally dependent on male counterparts for economic empowerment.
We are specifically targeting rural women as well as other marginalized communities as well as families with entrepreneurial spirit to aid in realizing their goals through feasibility study, location study, strategic consulting and any other forms of consulting.


Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activities have been considered to be important contributors to economic well-being all over the world. The most important contributions of entrepreneurship comprise job creation, smoothing of the markets by introducing innovation, and enhancing efficiency through more competition and poverty reduction by self-employment options.

It is publicly believed that the lack of entrepreneurship together with limited capital, skilled workers and technology have been the main important causes of relatively economic backwardness in most of the countries.There is an observed need for a specially designed empowerment programme for women in the Terai, where gender-stratified setting is high and women’s low autonomy is largely the result of traditional factors.

Our Approach

“Suggests policy measures, business and management training, and the promotion of entrepreneurial networking systems, as potential ways to empower entrepreneurs (women) and create leadership opportunities, in the hopes of bringing women into the mainstream business sector in Nepal. Reach out to rural entrepreneurs and provide them with gender-sensitive and affordable training, coaching, networking and mentoring services that will develop their growth potential.

Raise awareness among financial and micro-finance institutions about rural women entrepreneurs’ needs and introduce incentives for them to provide appropriate, accessible and flexible financial products and services (including affordable insurance and savings), at fair interest rates.

Foster coordination, information exchange, referrals and collaboration among local business development service providers, employers’ and women entrepreneurs’ associations, NGOs, cooperatives and financial institutions, to improve rural women’s access to information and other relevant services. “



Training in entrepreneurship has been included as an important part of government programs to support the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Asian developing countries.

Core Concept

Feasibility analyis, market research, profit forecast, growth modelling, people management.

Future Planning

Engage a larger group and government bodies both nationally and internationally for entreprenuerial devlopment.

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