Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budget management and investing.


Enables people to make sound economic decision

Protects them from fraudulent investment and criminals

Improves the accountability of other financial directives of the government

Identifies the gaps in the society in regards to income inequality

Involves more people into the financial system which generates a larger investment in the market

Prepares for distressing situations

  • Financial Literacy

    Students and young adults

  • Financial Literacy

    Working Women

  • Financial Literacy

    Household and Rural Women

Our Goal

In three different sectors:
1. Students and young adults,
2. Working women,
3. Household and Rural Women.

Each group has different needs and thus will cater to their own requirements.

Inclusive economic systems through financial literacy, bolstering entrepreneurial wave and research for problem solving


The Government of Nepal (GoN) has emphasized the necessity of an inclusive financial system, which is reflected in the 2017 release of Nepal’s Financial Sector Development Strategy Paper and has an objective “to develop an inclusive financial system to make access to finance easy and comfortable for those with low income and from rural areas and to increase financial literacy in financial services and instruments and to protect the interests of financial consumers” (FSDS, 2017) in order to achieve its domestic poverty reduction goal. Similarly, NRB has also emphasized the need to integrate the general population to banking and financial systems as it is an indicator of development and is necessary for economic upliftment. The OECD has also listed the financial inclusivity through financial lliteracy as one of its goals and indicator of economic development of a country.

Core Concept

Banking and Finance, Investments and their types, Current law on fraud detection and prevention, Teaching financial planning

Future Planning

Involving a larger segment into the project, identifying gaps to proper financial education and personalised independent literacy programs

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